It’s technically the first day of October so what better time to bring to you something new…well kind of! I was going to reserve this for next weeks 20Tuesdays but these guys have some exciting stuff coming up so it seems that there is no time like the present.

Albany’s own The City Never Sleeps has changed their name…they rocked the stage at LarkFest a few weeks ago and before their last song they let us know that they will now perform under the name Stellar Young. So without further ado a bit from Stellar Young.

(Image via: Stellar Young)

Stellar Young has been voted “Best Local Indie Rock Band” in Metroland’s Reader’s Poll as well as “Best New Band.” Steve Meb of says, “They aren’t just a rock band, they aren’t just a poppy act, and they aren’t a jazz group. Hell, I’m not so sure how to define them but believe me when I say they are different, in one of the best ways possible.”

I couldn’t agree more, I’d like to think I knew these guys before the “magic happened” and I truly couldn’t be more proud of the way they’ve grown into the Capital District music scene (and further). I had the chance to chat with them and I’m excited to share what we came up with. 

Where are you from/what’s your tie to the Capital District?

We’re from all over New York actually. Curt, Erik and John are all from Middletown, Dave is from Kingston, and Kyle, who is most local to the Capital Region, grew up in Vorheesville.

Our tie to the Capital District is that Curt and Kyle met in college at Saint Rose, then John and Erik moved to Albany after graduating college to be closer and pursue music. Dave just happened to be living in Albany when he joined the group.

When did you start your band?

Well Curt, Erik and John have been playing music together since they were sophomores  in High School, but the current line up as it is now has been together for about 2 years.

How did it come to form?

Curt, John, and Erik were already in a band from High School and when in college they still played shows every once in a while when they could get together. Curt and Kyle lived together and were going to school in Albany and John and Erik lived together and went to school in Oneonta. We would always be hanging out with each other on weekends or during shows or whatever because we were all good friends. We always loved to listen and jam with Kyle because he always had a cool intricate style with many influences. So when our bassist wanted to leave to become a cop, it seemed really natural to ask Kyle to take his spot. He agreed. However, Kyle is a natural guitarist so we wanted Kyle on guitar, have John just focus on singing and find a new bassist.

We met Dave completely serendipitously playing an open mic at what is now called Tierra Coffee Roasters. He approached us saying he liked our music and wanted to jam. We happened to need a bassist so we jammed with him and added him to the group. Turns out he was in an internationally touring band called Coheed and Cambria for a little while, and is a super dedicated cool dude that has helped us enormously with our recordings.

Left to right: Curt (drums), Dave (bass), John (lead vocals/keys), Erik (guitar/vocals), Kyle (guitar) (Image via: Stellar Young)

What’s your greatest accomplishment as performers?

Probably our growth. When we first started with the lineup we have now, we had pretty much nothing. No notoriety, no CD’s since an EP we’d cut years back, no photo’s, nothing. We’ve now been fortunate enough to play these awesome big name shows for the city, such as Tulip Fest (just found this rough, user submitted video of all their Tulip Festival performance), Local Legends, and Lark Fest.

We also recorded an EP (Madison) that has had every song played on the radio. We were voted best new band in the Metroland and have received a lot of other great press. The main reason is it’s all because we love the music we play; we work really hard at it, and we have really effing awesome fans and people in our lives that support us.

Then TCNS behind Mayor Jerry Jennings for Tulip Festival announcement (Image via:

How you would describe your band to someone who knows nothing about it?

Heartfelt, super catchy, cross-genre rock.

How does/did being in your “20somethings” affect your band?

Well technically Dave is slightly over his 20somethings, but you would never know, it’s true you would never know it, kudos Dave. But it really does affect our band, because our music has a lot of energy and a lot of our songs are about feeling misunderstood or uncertain about what to do when you are out on your own in the world, and dealing with all the ups and downs and tough situations that come along with that. Even though those are things that all ages can relate to, they are written from the perspective of the 20somethings.

What do you hope for as you look into the future?

What we really want more than anything (besides releasing this kick-ass album we’ve been working so hard on) is to branch out and play outside the district and be able to survive solely off of our music.

Anything fun coming up?

We’re playing The Egg October 6th, the Bayou October 19th and we will be releasing a new full-length album this November! So keep your eyes peeled for our release party and make sure to show up!

Be sure to check out Stellar Young this Saturday, October 8th at The Egg for Capital Area Indie Fest. The 3rd Annual Indie Fest is a fundraiser for the not-for-profit Columbia Arts Team, whose mission is to showcase local performers and original work. Again to purchase tickets look here.

A lot of people are wondering about the name change so here’s a little bit more on that: 

“The name change was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make…” says Erik Flora (guitar/vocals). He goes on to explain that Stellar Young was decided very democratically. Each of the five members was given five ballots with four possible choices. According to John Glenn (lead vocals/keys), “There were many reasons for the name change; the original member who made the name is no longer in the band, mispronouncing the old name, the list goes on.” Stellar Young addresses questions about life, relationships, and what we are all doing here, so the name fit better with who they are.

Fore more on Stellar Young check them out at:

And be sure to follow them on twitter at:


I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorites, “As You Go”

For a cleaner version of this song check out their bandcamp.


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  1. Abby

    Yee Stellar Young! Great interview. I found your butchering of “Voorheesville” a little hilarious. Don’t worry, we get it all the time.

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